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Carmove, your Ideal travel companion

Welcome to your ultimate Madrid car rental solution. If you are looking for freedom and flexibility in your travels around the wonderful Spanish capital, this is your place.

Why rent your car in Madrid with Carmove?

We have a diverse fleet of current models to suit all needs, from compact cars for urban travel to SUVs for more space and comfort for the family.

  • Competitive car rental rates

We are proud to offer you transparent and competitive prices. In addition, we have discounts and special promotions to make the most of your trip, ask us.

  • Quality service: Our great team will help you choose the perfect vehicle. In addition, our booking process is simple and efficient, allowing you to enjoy a hassle-free car rental experience in Madrid.
  • Strategic locations: It's not that we have offices, it's that we take your car wherever you want and need it without added costs. So you won't have to move and stand in line unnecessarily, your time is as important to you as it is to us.


Explore Madrid at your own pace

Madrid is a city full of life, culture and gastronomy. By opting for the Madrid car rentalMadrid, you can explore its world famous museums, charming parks and taste the exquisite local cuisine without the limitations of public transportation. If you would like us to recommend a particular place, don't hesitate to ask our team.

Book now and fall in love with Madrid

Don't wait any longer. Make your reservation with us and discover all that Madrid has to offer with the comfort and flexibility that only Madrid car rental with Carmove can provide.

Martin Andre Roman Le Chapois
Martin Andre Roman Le Chapois
Amazing service, plus a great price, there is no doubt that when I need to rent a car again, I will look to them. Thank you!
Rafael Montanet
Rafael Montanet
I have tried for the first time with this company and I have been very satisfied. It is an innovative idea for me because (1) they deliver and pick up the vehicle at the place you choose, (2) the arrangements are very agile with a tablet at the place of delivery and collection, (3) the reservation of the service and possible incidents can be managed with WhatsApp and are very pending responding quickly, even on weekends, (4) they are very friendly and the availability is complete.
Ricardo Díez Souza
Ricardo Díez Souza
Impeccable service. We were going on a trip to Bilbao for work and they managed everything perfectly: a perfect car to go comfortably and consume little, with large trunk; delivery at home so we did not have to move and also pick up at home. Super friendly from the beginning when they took our reservation, then Gabriel came, super punctual, to give us the car and explained everything to perfection. The car was a Renault Arkana Microhybrid that the truth is that we fell in love: comfortable, safe, lots of trunk, automatic; perfect for a carefree trip. Besides, it was impeccable, clean, inside and out, without any sign of use; it was as good as new. On the way back, we were a little late so we asked them to delay the delivery and there was no problem. Gabriel came back for the car, super nice and took it away. It is an exceptional service from the beginning to the end, with a very fair price, and with the ease and great comfort that means that they can take it to you. Without a doubt this is going to be the car rental company that we will always use.
Domi Serrano costs
Domi Serrano costs
Fantastic! Highly recommended! Estefania very friendly and Gabriel a crack! Delighted with the experience
Yolanda Abad
Yolanda Abad
I rented it on September 18 to go to Toledo. They took it to the point where it suited me. Super punctual. Car in excellent condition. Super good price. I also changed my mind when it was time to return the car and with a single call everything was solved. It is a very serious team. Highly recommended. I wish they would open more points in Spain.
Jordi Exposito
Jordi Exposito
Perfect experience, 100% recommended, very close treatment and all the facilities, every time we come to the capital we will count on their services.
solana lorenzo
solana lorenzo
Good experience... Punctuality for delivery and return of the vehicle.
Arnianto Soekarno
Arnianto Soekarno
After several years renting in this house, it is time to give my opinion of my satisfaction with the service, I would say "PREMIUM". Cars very well maintained, almost always new, clean without strange smells, even always smells clean and new. The cars usually have a full-equipe equipment. Clear "no deposit" prices including all-risk insurance. Delivery and collection of the car at the address of your choice (in Madrid) with very extensive schedules. I recommend without hesitation, and tell me your experience. 👍🏼
Shamannoy Halder
Shamannoy Halder
They were very professional and they went above and beyond for our requests. Had a great experience with them and with the car especially with home delivery of the vehicle too.

Carmove's fleet of cars
Carmove's fleet of cars

Renting a car in Madrid with CarMove is fast and easy.

If you need to rent a car in Madrid from CarMove we make it easy. Our rental process is very agile and hassle-free. All our vehicles comply with the low emission regulations to drive without restrictions. Take a look at all our rental cars to drive around Madrid center!

The best car rental service in madrid is very close to you.

All Risks Insurance included in your car rental

You don't have to worry about additional insurance costs in your car rental. With CarMove you have comprehensive insurance included in the price.

Rent a car without deposit

At CarMove we do not ask for a deposit for your car rental if you comply with our access policy .

Car rental in Madrid at the best price

CarMove offers car rental in Madrid at an unbeatable price with our service.

Rent a car Madrid

Car models in their Premium versions, just as you see them in their advertisements. Your experience will be unforgettable.

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