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Advantages of renting a compact car

There are many reasons to rent a compact car at CarMove. These cars are perfect if you are planning a trip around Madrid, as you can take advantage of their smaller body to maneuver and park easily in urban areas. Their easy handling makes it possible to move around the city center and its narrower streets, traveling comfortably and quickly. In addition, their reduced weight and size favor lower fuel consumption. These cars are a good option for small families looking for a spacious and economical vehicle.

Our compact cars are rental cars of reduced size, but not of reduced performance. The CarMove fleet is composed of modern cars that have all the technical features you would expect from a modern car, making your driving experience safer and more enjoyable. All vehicles are equipped with practical driving accessories such as a GPS system that will prevent you from getting lost in the city, optimizing travel times.

Its spacious interior can accommodate up to 5 passengers simultaneously and its trunk allows the entry of two large suitcases and a small one, so you can carry everything you need. Among our fleet of vehicles you can find small cars for rent to suit all types of trips.

Ford Fiesta

  2  Manual Climate control.

A perfect vehicle for the city with a lot of style. Enjoy the ST-Line and Vignale versions with on-board services such as CarPlay or Android Auto.

Opel Corsa

  2  Manual Climate control.

The Opel Corsa is always an excellent choice to enjoy Madrid. Equipped and with on-board navigation included.


Conveniences when renting a mid-size car

A mid-size rental car is a perfect choice for all types of general driving needs. With them you can long-distance trips due to their spacious interior for passengers that allows them to stretch their legs comfortably and their ample cargo capacity. All our mid-size cars are designed to accommodate a maximum of 5 people inside and have a cargo space of up to four medium-sized suitcases. If you need to rent a mid-size car for a family vacation or for a business trip, our vehicles are the ideal solution, since they make it easier to travel as they have better technical features and more power. The experience of driving one of our mid-size rental cars is similar to driving your own car, with all the comforts you can imagine, but without exposing it to more wear and tear and mileage.

Its bulkier dimensions require more care when driving in narrow areas or when parking, however, most users get used to its larger size and robustness after a few hours of driving. Whether for business or personal use, longer or shorter trips, renting a mid-size car will fully meet your needs.

Ford Focus

  2  Manual Climate control.

A sublime driving experience. Modern, elegant and technologically very equipped.

Opel Astra

  2  Manual Climate control.

Authenticity in the best Opel style. Very comfortable and safe for long journeys.

Mazda 3

  2  Manual Climate control.

Bold and an unparalleled driving experience. The Mazda 3 features an attractive and elegant design.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

  2  Manual Climate control.

Great performance in one of the most elegant models created by the Italian brand. Immerse yourself in driving fun with the Giulietta.

Fiat Tipo

  3  Manual Climate control.

Sophisticated, dynamic and its sedan version offers more space and comfort for its occupants.


Benefits of renting an SUV

The SUV category is gaining popularity in recent times and not for less, its adequate size combined with a lower center of gravity results in these versatile cars. With our SUV rental cars you can travel comfortably around the city or drive on cobblestone and dirt roads, as it is the vehicle that best adapts to the terrain, and therefore it is the perfect car to drive on the most complicated roads and steepest mountain roads.

Renting an SUV in Madrid makes driving easier. Its width and elevation provide the driver with greater comfort and safety when observing other traffic and have greater visibility. In addition, traveling with children will be easier thanks to its ample interior space that allows you to carry lots of accessories during your travels.

Winter driving not only demands more attention from the driver, but also requires more grip on the surface from the car. Adverse weather conditions such as snow and ice on the asphalt are no problem for this type of vehicle. Its all-wheel drive improves grip on low-grip surfaces.

Renault Arkana E-Tech

  3  Automatic Climate control.

The pleasure of driving a large SUV with excellent energy efficiency. Savings, dynamism and great efficiency.

Renault Captur

  3  Manual Climate control.

Athletic, comfortable and full of adventure. Your perfect companion for great moments and escapades.

Citroen C3 Aircross

  3  Manual Climate control.

A very comfortable, safe and dynamic SUV, ready for your adventure. A great ally for your weekend getaways.

Fiat 500X

  2  Manual Climate control.

Catch all eyes with this model in its Sport version. Comfortable and with a performance worthy of its SUV size.

Dacia Duster

  4  Manual Climate control.

Our most adventurous option. It is an SUV with a lot of 4×4 character. Power, versatility and space for your trip.